Traveling troubles

Just a little life update here. I inherited a hummer last year when my uncle suddenly passed away. The engine needed some work and finally it was done but still located in CO. A co-worker of mine had a son in WY with an old truck who also needed to get back from VA. So we coordinated that I would haul his truck with my hummer that way there could be two of us to split the driving.

So on Sunday I flew out to CO, spent Monday with my family and Tuesday we prepared to get going. Loaded up the truck and started to drive… low and behold the truck tried to go up over the front on the dolly making a terrible sound. We called around and came to the conclusion that, because the truck was rear wheel drive, we had to disconnect the drive shaft. So we scurried under the the truck and unbolted it. Got in the hummer to drive AND…. same thing happens. We call and call all the U-haul people and are finally told to drive to the center. The manager there informs us that we were giving the wrong size dolly and that was our issue. He proceeds to tell us there is nothing large enough to tow the truck.

We make the choice to split up. My co-workers son wants to get back by Friday to see friends that are in town so he leaves to drive straight through. With my health issues it would not be safe for me to drive through alone so I started asking everyone I could think of if they wanted to go on a road trip. A friend and fellow chronic illness warrior who has staid in touch with me through my treatments saw the need and jumped on the chance to help. We are leaving this afternoon.

All that figure out and… now I see I didn’t pack enough contacts or meds for the now extended trip. Had to get my contact RX sent here and should be fine stretching the meds I got till Sunday. On a positive note I have had the chance to spend more time with my family! We have been playing games, eating together, and my mom and I went to the movies. We saw Green Book. It is very cute if anyone is interested.

As far as my last Dr. appt goes I didn’t get a lot of answers. They gave me a med to help support my liver and some conjugated vit. D since my levels were so low. Ultrasound showed some fibrosis but other then that no more information was discovered. Took some more tests to try and find the cause of my liver issues and likely we be referred to a hepatologist after the results come back.

All that said I actually really love this Hummer. It’s a beast but super easy to drive, ultra comfy, and my uncle gave it all kinds of upgrades! It’s gonna be hard to give this one up. I thought maybe I’d sell it and buy a new car but we shall see… I’m thinking about naming it Brent in my uncles honor. I will be working on some education posts on the drive home for those of you who are on here for that and not my personal life story haha.

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