Endometriosis Awareness Month

Hello fellow warriors!

I know I have been MIA for a bit now, but I have not forgotten about you all! I have been putting a lot together behind the scenes! Today is March 1st. That marks day one of endometriosis awareness month! I am so excited for everything coming this month. I will be attending The Endometriosis Summit in NJ this weekend. I will be hosting a community night and awareness photoshoot with many women in the area on the 24th. I will be attending the EndoMarch in DC on the 30th. I will be releasing a soul biography, and I will be announcing a few awareness campaigns that I am in the works of starting up with the help of Sharon Hallman (owner of Sharon Hallman Photography), Andreas Andreou (owner of Portrait of a Human Being) and many others! So join me this month in educating yourself, bringing awareness to others, and sharing support.

Let us raise awareness so patients can be diagnosed by their first Doctor not their 10th. Let us raise awareness so that we can be offered medical treatments that haven’t been link to 11,000 deaths. Let us raise awareness so we don’t have to fear all of the other diseases linked to endometriosis. Let us raise awareness so we don’t have to miss work, school, or fun nights with friends due to pain. Let us raise awareness so, when we do have to miss out on things, people understand. Lets us raise awareness so we can have biological children, if we choose. Lets raise awareness so our children don’t have to suffer in the same way we have for thousands of years. The time for change is now! Please keep an eye out for my upcoming posts, share, comment, and take part in the mission.

Endo awareness month.png

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