Endometriosis, Not a Pelvic Inflammatory Disease!

These stats blew my mind at the endometriosis summit this past weekend!

We must stop treating endometriosis like a pelvic/GYN only disease and start treating it as a “complex disease state… [endometriosis] is a non-cancer malignancy and should be surgically treated as such… surgery to remove endometriosis [properly] is like an advanced sarcoma surgery… like sarcoma you need to have a whole team of professionals to surgically address it.” – Dr. Joeseph S Racuuia, General, Hepatobiliary and Colorectal Surgeon.

Endometriosis has been recorded in the heart, lungs, spinal column, and even the brain.

“Let’s not forget that, even though endometriosis is not a cancer, a direct link between endometriosis cell mutation and clear cell ovarian cancer has been discovered” – Dr. Yaniv Larish urology surgeon.

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