How The Education System Has Failed Doctors With Endo Patients

There is still argument among the best specialists out there of what therapies are warranted when, if only excision or excision and complete ablation is the best method. When surgery should be offered and use of pharmaceuticals… however there is no denying the fact that endometriosis is not taught as in depth as it should be to medical students and residents.

Dr. Emily Parent boldly shed light on why the education system has failed patients and Doctors of patients with endometriosis. Here is what she had to say.

“In school, students are taught outdated methods proven ineffective. In school we were [only] taught what endometriosis was, ACOG’s method (hormone treatments, ablation, hysterectomy), what ablation was, and to avoid any areas that could be ‘potentially harmful’. This left endometriosis on the ureters, bladder, bowels, etc. In the end, there was a lot we were leaving behind.”

There is no up to date guideline on excision of endometriosis for practitioners. Also ACOG still teaches the idea of retrograde menstruation as the cause of endometriosis. However endometriosis has been found in fetuses and in males. That idea has been disproven long ago yet still leads Dr. to believe that girls who have not had a period yet can’t have endometriosis.

“We don’t have the guidance as physicians and that makes us very uncomfortable.”

Excision surgery is complicated and scary. Not something that can easily be self taught.

“Once training with Dr. Mackenzie I realized, wow, this is really hard surgery… it took me a long time to be comfortable not avoiding the bladder and ureters, but in fact going right to those areas and excising ‘every last stinking bit of endometriosis’ as Dr Mackenzie would say. And that was terrifying.”

According to Dr. Emily Parent, 3 things need done.

1. Create fellowships on endometriosis surgery so physicians have a place to train after residency.

2. Educate the whole community so outdated methods of delayed diagnosis and ineffective surgeries are not accepted

3. Train those who see patients on a daily basis to recognize endometriosis (nurses, physical therapists, general medicine and family practice doctors, etc)

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