Warrior Wall Erin’s Story

*Warrior wall project*

“Hi may name is Erin Shaw. I am 21. I have always had painful periods but I thought that was typical because of like tv shows and stuff where they would say ‘oh she is on the rag’ … In high school I was put on the pill… but it wasn’t till senior year when a gynecologist finally said, with my family history of my mom and grandma having endometriosis along with my pain that I likely have it too. They suggested that maybe I should not take the placebo pills and see if that helps. It did but now I’m in college and some times the pharmacy doesn’t get my prescriptions in time or I miss… then I will have these really debilitating pains where I will just kinda have to lay down all day and take time, which is difficult because I am really busy. So it has been really difficult to deal with and hard to talk to people about because a lot of people don’t understand it”

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