Warrior Wall Beverly

“Hello, my name is Beverly. My great grandmother had endometriosis, my grandmother, my mother, myself and I have one cousin who has it, as well. I was eleven when I started having pain. It took me all the way to my first surgery at age eighteen to get help. My doctor, who actually delivered me, thought that I had it so he did the normal birth control pills all the way up to the strongest one which didn’t work anymore. So he did laparoscopic surgery at age eighteen and found that I had endometriosis. I went through the stages of the Lupron shots. I had another surgery two to three years after. I have been in pain for thirty three years. The pain is like having your ovaries in a vice. They feel as though they are constantly being twisted and turned. When I explain it to guys I say it is like gas you can’t get rid of. Endometriosis has caused me to loss three children. I am thankful for the two living children I have. I pray that my daughter does not have to go through what I have gone through and that this will bring a voice to her. If my daughter does end up having endometriosis my hope is that she would be diagnosed right away. It means a lot to me to be a part of the wall project because it means that I finally have others to talk to. The support group that is out there, I didn’t have that the whole time so it’s nice to have that now.”

Thank you Beverly for so bravely sharing your story.

Thank you Sharon Hallman of Sharon Hallman Photography for helping with this shoot.

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